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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Orient Kasha Money Market Fund?

Question: The Kasha Money Market Fund is designed for investors with a low risk appetite and a need for security of principal with an objective of providing a return in excess of what they are getting in their savings accounts.

Answer: Kasha helps you save for any goal i.e. car house, wedding, emergency fund.

Question: What is the difference between a Money Market Fund and a bank deposit?

Answer: Kasha Money Market Fund allows your funds partially or fully as you earn interest unlike a fixed deposit where you must wait for the funds to mature or lose out on the interest if withdraw before maturity.

Question:  What are the advantages of investing with Kasha Money Market Fund?


  • Superior returns on your investment

  • Access to your cash

  • Safe & Transparent

  • Compounding interest

Question: What are the requirements for joining the Kasha Market fund?

Answer: Copy ID, Cop Pin, Fill in an application, Proof of bank, address verification form.

Question: Where does the fund manager invest funds collected from Kasha Money Market?

Answer: The Fund invests in Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers Corporate Notes, Fixed Deposits and Cash on Call Deposits.

Question: Where can one monitor the fund manager’s performance?

Answer: You get a statement monthly or upon request or check balance on *273#

Question: Can one lose their principal when they invest in the Kasha Money Market Fund?

Answer: The funds are regulated and held in custody account there is low risk in the Kasha Money Market Fund. No you don’t.

Question: What are expected returns for Kasha Money Market?

Answer: The Current rate of Return is upto 14% p.a.

Question: Can an individual withdraw at anytime?

Answer: Yes, anyone can withdraw the funds whenever you need it however we encourage you don’t to achieve your set goal.

Question: How can you register?


Answer: You can also sign up through our digital platform by dialing and follow the prompting

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