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Orient Asset Managers Limited is licensed by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) in Kenya to offer a wide range of investment services to investors in the corporate, institutional and retail space. 

Incorporated in Kenya in 2012, we are an African-grown investment group firmly committed to creating investment opportunities for the continent.


Orient Asset Managers Limited specializes in a broad range of asset classes carefully tailored to create wealth for its clients and ultimately bolster social-economic progress.

We have a client-focused integrated business model with competitive investment performance being core to our service delivery. This enables us to offer our customers transparent and attractive opportunities for investment, wealth creation and lifestyle-enriching financial services.


The Board of Directors of Orient Asset Managers Limited is committed to the principle of Good Corporate Governance as well as integrity, transparency and accountability as set out in the Company’s Code of Conduct.

It recognizes that this is a process that serves all stakeholders.

Our corporate policy is defined by rules aimed at integrating risk management into all our investment strategies to protect the assets that we manage for our clients.

As part of our governance structure in managing risk, an Audit & Risk Committee and Investment Committee are in place and are independent to ensure safeguarding of assets, overseeing investment activities and the adequacy of overall systems and control processes.

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