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OAM specializes in a broad range of asset classes carefully tailored to create wealth for its clients and ultimately bolster social -economic progress.


We have a client -focused integrated business model with competitive investment performance being core to our service delivery. This enables us to offer our customers transparent and attractive opportunities for investment, wealth creation and lifestyle -enriching financial services.



Fund Management Services

Professional portfolio management, personal wealth across

the various asset classes aimed at meeting specified investor targets


Financial Planning & Advice

Creating and/or preserving wealth of clients through investor education and use of various channels to enhance financial literacy


Investment Advisory Services

Developing investment policy statements, deal sourcing and fundraising, Balance sheet Restructuring, Working capital management, Cash flow forecasting


Investment Research

Generating and sharing  continuous market research.We also perform bespoke market research on request


Customized Investment


Customize, create and develop products tailored to different investors as well as meeting market demand and need,

whilst ensuring compliance with various regulators

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