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We are proud to have passionate, experienced, committed and hard working individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. We multi-task, are empathetic to investor needs and the local operating environment and thus turn challenges into opportunity.
Joyce Kiragu 
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Titus Kiondo Muya
Jacqueline Oyuyo-Githinji
Independent Non-Executive Director
Dr. George Muniu Ruigu
Kenya Orient Insurance Ltd
Dickson G. Ngatia
Independent Non-Executive Director
Independent Non-Executive Director
Independent Non-Executive Director
“Spot an opportunity, make a plan and run with it. I definitely had the right idea, in the right place, at the right time and I knew I could do it. I learnt from my mistakes, but still kept true to my vision. You need to have that kind of confidence to make these things work. Don't hang around waiting for things to happen.. "

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